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This is my mother’s recipe, just as she makes them, without exact amounts or grams, just ‘by eye’. As many mothers have a well-trained eye, she knows perfectly when the cake is at its point or when the mass of the crepes is perfect.


Here I leave the recipe as she makes them.


A spoonful of butter

3 eggs

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of baking soda


1 jet of anise

1 large stream of milk, not much because they can stick in the pan

Flour (200 gr more or less, depending on how many crespes we want to make)

Sugar, to taste, sprinkle it at the end over them.


In a bowl, mix the slightly melted butter, add the eggs, the pinch of salt and baking soda, milk, anise and water. Mix everything well until it is well integrated.

Finally add the flour and mix well, there must be a soft dough.

Spread the skillet with a napkin soaked in oil and with the help of a big spoon pour a little of the mixture, not so much, so they will come out thin. DOn´t stir it, just wait and turn it around carefully when you start to see some bubles in the middle of the crepe.

[wpvideo Yk9tJzWR]

* my mother makes them with two pans at the same time.

Hope you enjoy them !!!

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