Smoothie Detox

When it´s time for a nice smoothie, here I am , no one can´t stop me; I start cutting fruits and vegetables until I have a good bunch, then throw them into the blender so I can enjoy the explosion of all the vitamins and antioxidants. Of course, if anybody else is in the room with me, I´ll make sure that they have a good portion as well.


Today just a short recipe to start well the week after the Easter holidays that some of you enjoyed the past days, a detox smoothie that will give you the energie that you need to deal with a new day!!


I do not have a specific recipe, I just use the fruits and vegetables that I have at home at that moment. Here, I show you one of many: easy, healthy and delicious!


The ingredients that I´ve used this time are: strawberries, apple, banana, cucumber and cranberries. I also added flax seeds, a teaspoon of maca, coconut and biological hemp seeds.


I added soy mil, but you can also add water instead. Everything goes to the blender..and voilá! good for any time of the day!

Have a good week!

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