Sweet bread crown for Easter

As Easter approaches, I can´t help imagine myself having breakfast in my parents’ house having a good piece of the traditional Easter brioche followed by another one, and another…before going out and see how my childhood village fills up with people getting ready to celebrate, making plans and enjoying the great atmosphere that precedes the celebrations.

Sweet bread crown for Easter


Pity that this year I cannot join, but that doesn´t mean that I won´t enjoy a good traditional sweet…or…more than one 😉


Last year, around this time, I published the typical Easter sweet bread that you can eat in Spain during Easter, you can find the recipe here.

This year I wanted to make something different, so I kind of came up with this crown of sweet bread based on the famous Swedish cinnamon rolls. Here I explain how I did it:

Ingredients for the dough:

2 tablespoons of butter cut into cubes

225 g of flour

Half a teaspoon of salt

1 sachet of baking powder

1 egg, whisked

125 ml of warm milk

Ingredients for the filling:

4 teaspoons of butter (room temperature)

2 tablespoons of cinnamon

50g of brown sugar

The zest of one lemon and the zest of one orange

1 grated or finely chopped apple

Sieve the flour together with the salt, then add the baking powder and the butter, mix well with the help of your hands, later add the egg and the warm milk and keep kneading until you get a smooth and elastic dough.

Leave the dough in a bowl for at least 40 minutes in a warm place covered with a clean cloth until the dough doubles in volume.


After that, knead again for a minute and stretch the dough with the help of a kitchen roller.

For the filling: mix the sugar and the butter and add the rest of the ingredients: cinnamon, lemon zest, orange zest and the grated apple.

Roll the dough to get a tube shape


Roll the dough gently untlil you have a tube shape. Now cut with a sharp knife into pieces  (I got  12 pieces removing the edges). Place the rolls in a previously greased round mold and put it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes at 190ºC.


Brush it with some syrup or honey

Let cool down and brush it with some syrup or honey…done! just eat and enjoy.

This dessert is going to be sold for the cancer foundation in Belgium (Kom op tegen Kanker), so I´m glad that I helped to support this good cause.

IMG_20150329_182457 IMG_20150329_183639

Have a good week!

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