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Happy little birthday and thank you!

Hi everyone!
Just a few lines to dedicate this post to have a little celebration, The Good Taste is a year old…wow!


Looking back, I realize all the things I´ve learned, but I still have many more to learn. 
Reading again some old posts, I always see room for improvement in things like writing, the way of taking pictures…but I think that is part of the journey right?
I also have to mention that now I am very quick doing the dishes, since I practice a lot 😉


One thing is clear: since I start preparing all the ingredients to bake a new recipe (that probably I have to repeat a couple of times because the first time was a total disaster and then the second one was not so tasty as I wanted it to be); going through that little magic when I place a mixture of ingredients inside of the oven and after half an hour take something different out; until I sit down to write with a big cup of tea and edit my little pictures to publish them through this small window, I am enjoying every second!!!
Of course I really want to thank those who read this baby blog; I´m always surprised to see that I have readers from Sweden, thank you so-so-so much, you are always there in every post and I love that! Also from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina…
Thanks to the people around me: my family, for their support and, always willing to try every recipe that I bake (I get the best comments from my dad and my sister); to my mom, for the best advices; to B, when telling you new ideas about what I would like to do with the blog you always listen to me, even if they sound a bit crazy ;).

To my friends for accepting my excitement in every new post and tell me how good it looks like.

As I said in the first post, this is something to share and enjoy and I really hope that you are enjoying as well.
I send you loads of thanks and see you in the next post, looking forward to it!
Big kiss,


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