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Oatmeal custard flan

Hi everyone!
For this new post, I wanted to make a very healthy recipe to start the new year and get rid of those calories that we were enjoying during the Chirstmas holidays.
A super simple tasty recipe, with very few calories and also suitable for vegans. A nice and healthy dessert: Oatmeal (custard) flan.


Here we go!


1 liter of oat drink
Cinnamon stick
Orange zest
Lemon skin
Vanilla pod
Agar-agar (4 grams for 1 liter)
Sweetener (I´ve used Stevia, but you can also use sugar or any other that you like)
1º) In a saucepan, mix the Agar-Agar with a bit of cold oat drink, stir until everything is mixed. Then, add the rest of the oatmeal drink, cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest, lemon skin and the sweetener that you like. 


2º) Bring the mixture to the fire and let it boil for about two minutes. Then take away from the fire and remove the lemon skin, vanilla and cinnamon stick and place the mixture into the custard cups. 
3º) Let cool down a few minutes at room temperature before taking the cups into the fridge. Once in the fridge let the mixture solidifies (for about 1 hour and half).
4º) Once the mixture is completely cold, remove the cups. 
Now, you can decorate with anything that you like: fruits, nuts, biscuits, honey or other syrup that you may like. 
I´ve decorated with pistachio, pomegranate, strawberry and smashed cookies


I hope you like this recipe; Have a nice day :)!!


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