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Crispy muffins with red berries

Hi everyone!
we are now in the middle of the summer, and I think  when we make homemade desserts, it´s a good idea to use seasonal fruits.
Today a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional cupcakes. I hope you enjoy and you can get some good ideas to try at home 😉
Let´s start!
225gr self raising flour
85 gr polenta
75 gr brown sugar
150 gr butter
Lemon zest
1 egg
The juice of half a lemon
Mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries,…)
First, we mix the flour with polenta, sugar and butter in a food processor until we get a ´lumpy´dough
Then we add to the dough the lemon zest, the egg and the lemon juice; mix well until all the ingredients are integrated and we get a soft dough.
Next step, we add the fruits that we have chosen (I used in this case, cranberies and blue berries). Mix well with a spoon.
Now, fill the cupcakes molds generously with the dough and place in the oven 200ºC during 20 minutes.
and…there you are!!!…crispy in the outside and soft in the inside!!, as I said before this is a healthier alternative to the traditional cupcakes: red fruits have many antioxidant properties and polenta is highly nutritious cereal, low fat, contains potassium, manganese and some vitamins like B1 and B2.
I hope you try this simple recipe at home,
enjoy your weekend!!

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