Light donuts with orange juice and cinnamon

 Hi everybody!!
Today I would like to share a simple recipe for the time we feel like eating something sweet, but in a healthy way and almost without sugar. Light donuts with orange juice and cinnamon. Here we go!
– Orange juice (two squeezed oranges)
– Half a glass of olive oil
– Half a glass (or less) of brown sugar
Half a glass of milk or soy (I used soy in this case)
– A tablespoon of sweetener 
– A tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate
– Lemon zest
– Grated ginger
– Ground cinnamon
– Half a kilo of flour
Mix well all the ingredients. Start to add more flour if needed (when we see that the dough is difficult to handle).
To make the shape of the rolls: take a piece of the dough and make a ball with your hands, after that with your index finger, make a hole in the middle of the ball.
When all of them are ready on the oven tray, place them in the oven during 30 minutes 180ºC.

 Normally, this rolls or donuts are fried, but I think this one is a healthy alternative and they taste great!

I hope you try this at home!! See you soon!

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