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Oatmeal and sesame cookies

 Hi everybody, 
today I want to show you a super healthy and easy oatmeal and sesame cookies receipe. It desn´t take more than 30-35 min and they are delicious to snack.
There are many receceipes with oatmeal, (I really love it!), it is very healthy and it has many beneficts: digestive (very good for those who have a delicate stomach), rich in fiber and A, B and E vitamins. Minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. It doesn´t have a lot of calories, so it´s perfect to have for breakfast, snack, etc.
On the other hand, sesame seeds have many proteins, unsaturated fats and it helps to reduce the cholesterol. Also they have calcium, iron, zinc and they are antioxidant.
ok, very simple, let´s start!!
The ingredients that we need are: (don´t say the exact amounts, in this case that depends on what you like)
 Peanut Butter
–  Honey
–  vanilla
–  Toasted sesame seeds
–  Oatmeal
–  Flour
–  Water
We mix two spoons of peanutbutter and the honey (also two spoons, depending n what you like). After that we add the oat (I use to put quita a lot) and the sesame seeds ( 3 or 4 big spoons)
Mix well, we can add a bit of water (1 or 2 spoons),and a spoon of flour wich  will help to get everything mixed.
When we have the dough ready, we can start shaping the cookies, with our hands we make a tight ball and then we push them to make it flat.

Put the cookies in the oven 170º preheated during 10-15 minutes.Let them cool down and ready to eat!!!

Well, that was pretty easy to make wasn´t it? You can also add other kind of seeds that you like, for example: lineseed, wheat bran, raisins…really tasty!!
I hope you enjoy them! See you soon!!
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