Who I am

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Since I was a child, at home, the desserts and especially the pies were a source of joy. My mother in the kitchen preparing the cake the day before a celebration, for me, that was one of the best moments. Meanwhile, the rest of the family waited patiently (or not so much) for my mother to give us the ‘green light’ to eat the leftovers of the dough, with your finger or the wooden spoon, that was one of the best delicacies. Now I discover that my own daughter also loves it.
But it was not until years later that the interest to experiment more with pastry was awakened in me. When I was living in Belgium back in 2013, missing my homeland, I discovered one of my passions, along with another: food photography.
Today, back in Asturias, I’m still baking, photographing and learning, inspired by what I learned from my mother and my aunts. I invite you to take a tour around here, maybe I encourage you to switch on your oven.


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