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My aunt´s cake

There are cakes, and special cakes, and for me this is one of the lattest. Since I was little I was always hoping to get a big piece. My aunt would always prepare it for the day of the big celebrations in the village and I didn´t mind the amounts of nice food that passed before my eyes, my only goal was to get to dessert time and have a big piece, then I would be satisfied.



A couple of months ago I asked her the recipe and finally, last week while I was visiting my homeland, I could make this recipe. Just a bite brings me back directly to my childhood hhhmmm.

Here I show you my aunt´s recipe. It´s easy and no oven needed. Just a piece is enough like a snack. Is soft and spongy since the cookies absorb all the cream after leaving it in the fridge for a couple of hours or during the whole night. Are you in?



6 eggs

half a kilo of sugar

250 gr of soft butter (at room temperature)

1 box of round biscuits


First we prepare the filling: separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites until they form peaks. Mix the butter and the sugar until they get creamy, add the egg yolks one at a time and keep stirring. Slowly add the egg whites and mix carefully until a soft cream.


Now place the biscuits on a platter or in a mold, one layer after another soaking them in the cream. If you use too many biscuits you will get a dry cake, so be generous when you add the filling.


Now put the cake in the fridge and let it rest for a couple of hours or during the whole night; also you can put a weight on top of the mold so the biscuits absorb the filling better.


Next day it´s time to decorate, I made meringue and used some strawberries to put on top.


This is a delight…enjoy!