Photo gallery

For some time I have been running the exhibition ‘pastry for the senses’, a series of 16 of my photographs that show not only that taste and sight are the main senses, but also that a picture can take you to special times, awakening other senses and creating moments.
Some of the tools that accompany my photos are old, sometimes I find them searching in my parents’ house, others were bought in a second hand store; with character, with history and with soul that make the photo and the dessert that accompanies them grow. I also like to incorporate natural and floral elements that give even more life to the photo.

In this gallery you can see some of the photographs that belong to the exhibition ‘pastry for the senses’ where from time to time you can also see floral or nature photos. If you want to check the price of your favorite photo you can send me an email at the following address: