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Churros with espresso chocolate

I think I could eat churros at any time of  the year; Yesterday I decided to make them at home and there is not even one left.

IMG_20170615_174718 editada

Here, the recipe:


400 ml of water

250 gr of  all purpose flour

a splash of vanilla essence

half a teaspoon of salt

cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over churros



In a saucepan put the water, the vanilla essence and the salt, put it to heat until starts boiling, then remove it from the fire and pour it directly over the bowl where you have the flour.

Help yourself with a wooden spoon to integrate all the ingredients, it will become a quite compact mass.

With a star-shaped mouthpiece and a pastry sleeve previously filled with the churros paste, make the portions,and put them on baking paper. You can use the scissors to cut the dough when you get the desired length of churro.

Fry the churros in abundant soft olive oil until lightly browned and sprinkle generously with cinnamon sugar


* For the espresso chocolate:

Put in a saucepan 50 grams of dark chocolate, when it is melted add a splash of coffee and a spoonful of sugar, stir to combine everything, dip the churro inside the chocolate.


Enjoy the pack!