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Top ten baking tips

Some may seem obvious, but they help a lot to get organized and not turn your kitchen and work place into a battlefield

Surely I leave a lot of advice outside, but here I describe the 10 that I always follow and work for me. Do you have more tips that never fail you? Go ahead, share with me, you are always welcome.

1. Read the entire recipe before you start. This can be a very obvious step, but some ingredients may need a couple of hours or the whole night to be at room temperature, such as butter in some cases or eggs. Avoid surprises and read.

2. Place all the measured ingredients on the work table as well as the tools to use. It will make your job much easier and you will not have to waste your time looking for the flour, the thermometer or whatever you need in the middle of the task.

3. Have your molds prepared, floured and lined with baking paper.

4. Know your oven. It is always said and true, not all ovens are the same. I know that the 180 °C in my oven would mean 170°C.

5. Preheat the oven at least 10 minutes before putting the batter inside.

6. Check if the cake is made with a toothpick. Beyond leaving it until the end, check halfway through cooking, maybe its need more or less time. Trust your eye!

7. Allow the cake to cool completely before cutting. The cut will be much cleaner and will not break.

8. I usually make the cake the previous night before decorating. To keep it fresh and juicy, I wrap it in clear paper and store it in the fridge. The next day it will be even better.

9. Keep clean the workspace and do the dishes as you are finished with them. So you will not have annoying dirty utensils when, for example, you are decorating the cake, you will have more freedom to work better.

10. For me, baking is a science, which always allows us to experiment, we must respect the quantities and steps, but never have to be afraid of it. Practice makes the master, so with the time you would be able to tell by eye if a batter is ready to go to the oven or if the cake is done just by smeling it ?

If you want to share some of your tips, please, go ahead, you can do it. in the comments below.