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Sobre ‘The Good Taste’ / About ‘The Good Taste’

Hola a todos/as,
después de pensármelo mucho, he decidido que ésta va a ser mi primera entrada como blogera. Me llamo Beatriz, Asturiana, aunque vivo en Bélgica desde hace un tiempo. Apasionada de la vida saludable, el ballet, yoga y fotografía, entre otras cosas; aquí me gustaría empezar a compartir con vosotros y aprender a la vez diferentes tipos de recetas dulces y hechas en casa, sanas y…no tan sanas :). (Cupcakes, bizcochos, muffins, bocaditos, snacks..etc)
Precisamente porque prefiero la comida natural, desde hace ya un tiempo he empezado a elaborar en casa mis propios postres, ayudándome también de la sabiduría de mi madre por supuesto, inspirándome en otros blogs y siempre aprendiendo de cada receta y experiencia.
Así, me he enganchado a los postres hechos en casa naturalmente, conociendo cada ingrediente que llevan y he de decir que en casa no entra ya bollería industrial.
Cuando hago un postre, lo que más me gusta es ver la evolución hasta llegar al resultado final y disfruto más si lo hago para alguien y poder compartirlo.
The Good Taste se trata de eso, de compartir con vosotros, de aprender y de seguir experimentando.
Vamos allá! empezamos?
English version here
Hi everybody,
I´ve been thinking for a while and finally I have decided: this is my first post as a blogger. My name is Beatriz, I am spanish (Asturias) but I live in Belgium. I´m passionate about healthy life, ballet, yoga and food photography among other things. Here I would like to share with all of you different types of recipes (healthy and someties ..not so healthy  :))
Because I prefer to eat healthy food, I started to make myself cakes at home, also with the help and wisdom of my mother, and also getting inspired from other food bloggers, always learning from every recipe and experience.
So, I like homemade cakes and when I´m working on them I like to see the evolution untill I see the end result, but what I like most is to make it for someone else, give it as a present or enjoy it with friends and family.
The Good Taste is about sharing with you and learn together.
Here we go, Shall we start?
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Happy little birthday and thank you!

Hi everyone!
Just a few lines to dedicate this post to have a little celebration, The Good Taste is a year old…wow!


Looking back, I realize all the things I´ve learned, but I still have many more to learn. 
Reading again some old posts, I always see room for improvement in things like writing, the way of taking pictures…but I think that is part of the journey right?
I also have to mention that now I am very quick doing the dishes, since I practice a lot 😉


One thing is clear: since I start preparing all the ingredients to bake a new recipe (that probably I have to repeat a couple of times because the first time was a total disaster and then the second one was not so tasty as I wanted it to be); going through that little magic when I place a mixture of ingredients inside of the oven and after half an hour take something different out; until I sit down to write with a big cup of tea and edit my little pictures to publish them through this small window, I am enjoying every second!!!
Of course I really want to thank those who read this baby blog; I´m always surprised to see that I have readers from Sweden, thank you so-so-so much, you are always there in every post and I love that! Also from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina…
Thanks to the people around me: my family, for their support and, always willing to try every recipe that I bake (I get the best comments from my dad and my sister); to my mom, for the best advices; to B, when telling you new ideas about what I would like to do with the blog you always listen to me, even if they sound a bit crazy ;).

To my friends for accepting my excitement in every new post and tell me how good it looks like.

As I said in the first post, this is something to share and enjoy and I really hope that you are enjoying as well.
I send you loads of thanks and see you in the next post, looking forward to it!
Big kiss,