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Homemade Nutella

 I love nutella. When I was small, I used to play all the time outside with my girlfriends, it wasn´t the same without the Nutella sandwich that our mums used to prepare (but also many kinds of delicious sandwiches :))
Nowadays I still like Nutella and chocolate, but I always prefer to find a healthier and natural alternative without all that chemical stuff that they add to all the products that we eat. So, I decided to make my own Nutella… and let me tell you that I reaaaalllyyy like the result.
Super easy and doesn´t take a lot of time. Here we go!
100gr dark chocolate.
80gr hazelnuts.
2tbsp milk; soy mik or almond milk.
50gr brown sugar.
30gr light margarine.
After peeling the hazelnuts we put them in the oven (150ºC) until they get a brown color. When they are ready try to take the skin off, it´s possible that some skin sticks and becomes difficult to remove, that is ok, you can leave it. 
Grind the hazelnuts (with a food processor) until they get fine and powdery, after that we add the sugar and keep mixing well.
We melt the chocolate and when it´s ready we add the margarine and the milk.

Finally, we add the chocolate to the hazelnuts and mix well until we get a smoothy cream.

Keep your nutella in a glass jar in the fridge.
I really love the taste and I would dare to say is much better that the one we find in the supermarkets. For those you don´t like the dark chocolate, don´t worry because the taste is just fine (you can also try to make it with milk or white chocolate but it would have more sugar). You can always choose the amount of sugar, or just add agave syrup or any other option you might like.
I hope you try this at home, it is worth it, it is a healthy alternative, also good for the children and all those who like chocolate but cannot take so much sugar.