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Easter Brioches

Easter time is here and during this mini vacations, apart from starting to enjoy the good weather (or at least try) we can also find hundreds of sweet recipes that we can bake during this time.
One of my favourite recipes is the brioche or sweet bread; I really love to wake up at home and have a good piece of home made brioche for breakfast 🙂
Today I would like to share with all of you my recipe, although I´m sure there are thousands of variations and everyone has their own tricks.


Let´s start!!


80 gr of fresh yeast
Big glass of milk

Half glass of olive oil (but you can also use butter)
60 gr of sugar
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
600 gr flour


First we mix in a bowl the milk, oil, sugar and yeast and mix until all the ingredients are well combined, then we add the two eggs and keep mixing.
In another bowl mix the flour and the pinch of salt and we add this to the other mixture, keep on working the mixture until we start to get a nice dough, always adding flour if needed.
When the dough becomes difficult to manage we pour on a surface and start working with our hands.
When the dough becomes smooth, we make a ball and leave in the bowl resting during 15 minutes covered with a clean cloth.


After the 15 minutes we can see that the dough has risen and we can start forming our brioches:
take a piece of dough and divide it into two, one larger than the other portion; then make the portions roll on the table and form two separate rolls (one longer than the other). Turn the longer roll in half and place the shortest in the middle, cross the outside parts and form the brioche.


Now, we can paint the brioches with the egg and after that we mix sugar and water and put it on top with the brush (optional)

Leave the brioches rise during 1 or 2 hours until the size is doubled. After that put them in the oven during 20 minutes 200º (this can be different depending on the oven).

Now we can enjoy our homemade brioches, you can see it´s not so difficult and I´m sure you have your own brioche recipe that you can also share if you like.

I hope you have a nice Easter holidays, see you soon!!

I dedicate this post to V. S.: you will get better really soon, lots of love!!!

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