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Valentine´s Day is coming soon and we are about to see screens and displays full of red and pink color. Since I´m not really a Valentine´s Day person, this time I wanted to make a nice bite with chocolate; I think it fits perfectly for those who really like to enjoy this day and it´s also nice as a present to give anytime.
Truffels! two ways of making them and very little chances that the result goes wrong. You will be the king or the queen of the Valentine´s Day with this nice chocolate treat.
Cookie truffels and chocolate truffels!
Ingredients to prepare cookie truffels:
500 g of caramelized biscuits
250 g of cream cheese
Dark and white chocolate to make the cover
First smash well the cookies until they are fine, then add the cheese cream and mix well until you get a smooth dough.
Place the dough in the frigde for at least 1 hour. After that you can start giving the truffels the round shape with the help of two spoons or with your hands.
Decoration: melt the dark chocolate and the white chocolate separately and deep the cookie balls inside.

Ingredients to prepare the chocolate truffels:
1 tablet of dark chocolate
3 egg yolks
200 ml of cream
Chop the chocolate and melt on low fire stirring well. In a saucepan aside, put the cream and warm it up. Take it out from the fire when starts cooking; then, add the chocolate to the cream and mix well, after that add the egg yolks and mix until everything is well integrated and the dough is like a smooth cream (hmmm).
Put it in the fridge for about 3 hours. After that you can start shaping the truffels with the help of two spoons.
The funny part starts now, you can decorate in million different ways: cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, coconut, chopped hazelnuts or almonds…
You can keep them in the fridge without problems and they are delicious! That is one easy recipe right? I hope you try it at home and have a good Valentine´s week!! Enjoy!