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Chestnut Cream

A new season and a new life has started, now, back in my homeland after 3 years in Belgium, trying to begin with renovated hopes, of course, without forgetting the nice experiences abroad.




I thought this recipe would be perfect to start my favourite season, first of many autum recipes that I´m looking forward to bake 🙂 An easy one and no oven needed (since my oven doesn´t work I also needed a ‘no oven’ recipe until it´s fixed), also perfect for chestnut lovers.


Some time ago I saw that Rachel Khoo made this chestnut cream and I knew I would make it as soon as I had the chance, and here it is.



200 gr of precooked chestnuts (You can buy them precooked in the supermarket, that’s what I did)

200/ 225 ml of cream

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1 and a half tablespoon of cognac

1 vanilla pod

Place the chestnuts in a pan, add the cream, sugar, cognac and open the vanilla stick and remove the seeds with a knife and add it to the mixture (both the seeds and the stick)

Let it cook for at least 10 minutes, then remove the vanilla stick and mix everything with a mixer until you get a smooth cream without lumps.

Let it cook for at least 10 minutes


And that´s it! you can eat it with bread, yogurt, pancakes or use it as cake filling. I look forward to try it with pancakes.



Go for it! Hope you like it!