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Mocha and cookie cake

I always had a weakness for the chocolate and cookie cake that we always used to get in our birthdays celebrations when we were small. I remember that we were very full but we could always make some space for one last bite to taste once more this nice cake.


The cake from today´s post is a version of that birthday cake that was so popular, but I used mocha cream instead of chocolate.



400gr of biscuits (more or less, you can always need some more)

250 gr of butter (room temperature)

1 cup of fresh coffee (let cool)

A splash of Brandy or Cognac (optional)

200 ml of milk (you´ll use it for dipping the cookies)

100 gr of sugar

I used a 18 cm mold, small one, but you can choose the one that you most like, a square one, for example is also ok.


How to:

Soften the butter until you get a cream texture, add the sugar and keep on whisking until is well combined; when the coffee is already cold add it to the cream and start mixing with an electric beater until is well integrated (set aside)

In a bowl, pour the milk and the splash of Brandy and start deeping the biscuits inside, but don´t let them break. Place the cookies in the mold, preaviously lined with baking paper.


Place a layer of cookies and then extend on top of them a big spoon of mocha cream; keep on doing the same thing until you  reach the end of the mold; then extend the rest of the cream on top, so you can´t see the last layer of cookies. I decorated with cocoa powder and some fresh flowers.. I think is nicer to keep one night in the fridge and eat the next day (If you can wait) nice! ready to enjoy 🙂

One piece please 🙂